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Feedback from candidates

I am very satisfied with the process. The personal contact was perfect, and I received regular updates about the process. I received valuable and sincere insights about the company and the position. They prepared me for the interviews very well and it was clear what was expected from me. So excellent service if you ask me.


- iChoosr

They showed a genuine interest and had a good understanding of my needs and requirements. Very positive experience, I received good advice and became more enthusiastic during the process. Many thanks for the fun, educational and informative conversations.


- Homerr

The recruiter took the time to listen to my questions and answered them timely: clear communication, swift, friendly and professional. I received the information I needed, gained sincere insights in the company and they kept me well in the loop. Very positive experience and they were on top of things: fun, reliable and friendly professionals to work with.


- Evidos

Contact was easy, accessible and I received the correct information.  They had an interesting position matching my career path and a good understanding of my needs. Nice and informal catch-ups,  to the point and I was kept well informed. I would definitely recommend working with them.


- KokxDeVoogd

Overall it was an excellent and quite fast process. The job description I received was appealing and the Inhousify team showed good care. They where not pushy but wanted to really get a good understanding of my needs to make a good match and they answered any questions perfectly. Happy in my new role!


- iChoosr

I really liked the recruiting process, I felt very involved and also felt understood. They just know the company and the team I’m currently working for inside-out and they gave me sincere and valuable insights during the process. Also the interest in me as a person, quick feedback and clarity in the process made a difference to me.


- Homerr

The contact with the recruiter was very positive and they made me feel very comfortable at the interviews. He also introduced the company to me in a very nice way. At each stage of the process there was good, clear communication; I really enjoyed the process.


- Evidos

Near to a perfect job, smooth and thrustworthy with attention for both the customer and myself as candidate. The process was all really fine and well arranged. Good followup and they prepaired me well before the interviews. Skilled and social team who knows how to pick the right job and employer for people.


- dsg

Excellent and strong approach. Stijn is an amazing recruiter who considered many out-of-the-box possibillities. He took curiosity and interest in what my future aspirations are and this is a more in depth recruitment expertise with an openminded approach. My compliments to Stijn!


- ICTRecht

I was really happy with the recruiter, he looked further than the job I applied to and reached out what other kind of jobs I would like to do. It’s how I considered this role! Great proactiveness!


- uButler

It was a really smooth and quick process. A few calls beforehand with the recruiter and after every interview round, I heard the results the same day. The personal contact was good, very quick communication and any questions were answered fully and honestly. Professional and friendly recruiting!


- Evidos

I realised during the process that there was real attention for me as a person, that’s something a lot of people can learn from. My compliments!


- Evidos

I thought it was very nice! The recruiter was personable and friendly and the talks I’ve had with hum were fun. I appreciated his updaters in between communications, this helped me keep tabs on the process.


- Solease

It was great! Clear communcations, expectations well managed and a fast process. It was nice to have additional context and it never felt like bothering when asking questions. Really efficient and well organized, you are doing a great job!


- uButler

Great experience. Very human, very involved and a listening ear. I had the feeling that there was a good personal connection the whole time. Gijs just proposed me some questions to think about during the decision phase, without selling his client or suggesting answers. That made a difference in my choice and let me stay true to myself. Outstanding! 


- iChoosr

My recruiter had very positive influence, he kept clear in his communication and whenever I had questions he would always respond quickly. Experiences with other recruiters often felt more formal and distant, this was a more personal approach.


- Evidos

Clear communications. They are compassionate, interested and honest in managing expectations. 


- Solease

I was happy with the process, the communication was transparent and quick. Gijs made me feel comfortable in addressing my needs, in asking questions and he kept me in the loop during the process.


- uButler

IGijs was quick, clear and he helped me understand the company better. Other recruiters tend to be more distand, are slower and don’t know the company. Gijs was the opposite! I would very much reccomend Inhousify to others.


- iChoosr

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