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Recruitment Solutions

Inhouse Recruitment

Most of our clients prefer to work via our Inhouse Recruitment Model as it is often far more cost effective, inclusive and a more fun way to work vs a retained recruitment. Even if you are in need of just one or three hires a year. 

However sometimes not all your stakeholders can be aligned and therefore we offer more traditional Search & Recruitment for both permanent and interim professionals. So the stakeholders can taste a bit of our quality approach, recruitment succes and see how  our innovative Inhousify way of working can benefit the full organization as well.

Recruitment of Interim Professionals

When you are in need for a temporary operational, expert or more management professional, we can deliver the right candidate in short time. We have experience in placing interim managers or temporary staff in numerous departments and an interim manager can be helpful in a number of ways.

From plugging an urgent gap, to aiding in a transitional phase of your business, the temporary staffing solution or interim manager could be the right solution to bring  your team forward again.

Retained Search

When working together with us, a specialised senior recruitment consultant will take full ownership of your recruitment needs. They will manage the full (customized) recruitment cycle whilst gaining valuable insights in your company culture to succesfull guide candidates though the recruitment processes.

With our network, transparent way of working, online marketing partners, recruitment know-how and alignment of the internal stakeholders we always ensure to find the right fit.

Recruitment Solutions

So most of our clients prefer to work via the Inhousify inhouse recruitment model. Allthough not often preferred, sometimes there is a need for an retained search or interim professional to get a bit of the taste of how the Inhousify model can benefit the company. 

The focus of our solutions are quality, proactivity and a great candidate experience. When it’s crucial to get the right candidate for a position, retained search offers a lower risk of a bad hire and a higher certainty and comfort level. As always you’ll be working with the best recruiters with the highest success rates.

You will work in close collaboration with our specialist recruiters and the process remains in your total control; you are kept informed at every phase so you can keep track of the activity and make changes if required.

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