Interim Recruitment

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Interim Recruitment


When there’s need for extra recruitment capacity, a new department to be build or when key positions need to be searched,  an interim recruiter steps in. 

Our interim recruiters and recruitment business partners are allround trained, will make use of the Inhousify tooling and technology, can rely on our specialized market and specific job knowledge and will work as full extension of your company to deliver a great candidate experiece.

Talent Acquisition Management


When you are expanding the recruitment department, if the current recruitment team can use a boost or when you are looking for a temporary Manager Talent Acquistion, our expercienced team can help out.  

They have experience and the know-how to build succesfull recruitment departments, training & development for new- and senior recruitment (managers), recruitment process optimalisation, agency management, employer branding and many other aspects of recruitment. 

People & Processes

We have extensive experience in finding the right candidates, optimizing recruitment processes, training & development of new hires, ATS implementations, referral recruitment, contract management and many more recruitment related topics. 

On a daily base we make sure to align all stakeholders, from C-level to operational teams so your company can move forward.

What's your approach?

Interim Recruitment

On a daily base our team works for multiple startups, scale-ups and SME’s. You will always work with a dedicated recruiter or talent acquisition manager whom has access to all our tools and technologies to attract the right talent for your company. 

When there’s need for extra recruitment capacity, a new department to be build or when key positions need to be searched one of our interim recruitment specialist steps in. Or Senior Talent Acquisition Manager if required.

In order to determine the right solution, we always start with a quick call to asses your needs: whats needs to be done, are there any specific project requirements and which timeframes do we need to work in? 

From there we determine which of our interim recruiters (or recruitment team) can handle the project best. We have extensive experience in recruitment from operational to C-level, optimizing recruitment processes, training & development of new hires and many more recruitment related topics.

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