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Building a startup is perhaps the most challenging thing ever. Especially building a team of A-team players as everyone will always be motivated by different things and needs. We worked successfully on the core of startups to help them succeed in their markets.

From idea to your first team

Market research, sales, branding, business plans, workspace and investors. Enough to worry about, right? Therefore we assist you on a flex but quality driven basis in finding the right candidates to join your team.

Our core business

From Sales to C-level Tech, from Product to Finance, Marketing, Operations; we have extensive experience in connecting the right candidates with the most innovative startups; empowering both to grow faster.

Challenges that are unique

Nothing is more challenging as hiring the first employees. Will they work out, do they have the right mentality and the same level of energy? We have assisted startups for over 10 years, answering these questions and onboarding the right people.

Growth Recruitment Partners

We are driven by growth and love to see startups excel in their field. We can assist with perm hires, interim or temp needs. Flexible, we love quality and for startups we have a special growth pricing model as we understand the financial impact of hiring new people to join the team. Feel free to contact us.

Management Team

When the company is growing, you might need to expand the management team with the right people to move the teams forward. Together we define the right profile, hiring the best candidates and to get the organisation ready for the next phase.

Operational Teams

Going from 2 to 8 or from 40 to 100 sales people will not only have a huge impact on the revenue, but also on the internal organisation. We will assist you in gathering the right balance and hiring the right candidates to build a complementary team.

Long term sustainable growth

Our ability to truly understand your culture, values, and future needs enables us to find the most suited candidates for the upcoming challenges. We know how to handle the right fit and long-term employment and match inner motivation with fitting positions.

Hyper-Growth companies

The needs of scale-ups are changing rapidly. Whether you are in need of a single candidate or build up an entire team, we are here to assist you. We have a tailor-made solutions for scale-ups to ensure short- and long-term growth.


With growth, an unique plan and the right focus everything is possible, whether you are focussed on SaaS, Tech or Life Sciences. We will find the right directors table management and operational teams to help scale-ups excel and to enable long term sustainable growth.

VC's and PE

We have worked in-house with quite a few Venture Capitalists, Private Equity and Family owned businesses for over the last couple of years. Seeing companies grow, building and assisting business for the long run whilst getting the right teams onboard is what we love to do.

De-risking the hiring process

Working alongside the OPCO's, aligning people and recruiting the best candidates for a sustainable future is what we do best. Where stakeholders have different opinions, we will focus on precisely what your requirements and needs are. And of course, we do ensure all interests are being considered, taken care off and the internal processes are optimised.

Unlimited access talentpools

Our team is always meeting and engaging with people whom are not open 'for just a switch'. They will only change seats for the right challenge and we know what this challenge entails. This allows us to know how to act discreetly, whom to contact and what is needed to get a positive response.

Save time and effort

Our team is always meeting and engaging with people whom are not open 'for just a switch'. They will only change seats for the right challenge and we know what this challenge entails. This allows us to know how to act discreetly, whom to contact and what is needed to get a positive response.


We are used to signing a dozen of NDA's before we start. To protect your business, the fase, possible IP and future interests. Half of our searches and the placements we do are confidential. And will remain confidential.

All about tomorrow

It’s about doing something that makes a difference and to have impact on a better and more sustainable tomorrow, thats why we are active in this sector.

Sustainable future

The public sector is constantly transforming and we see the challenges that come with shifting toward a more digitalised everyday set of responsibilities, decentralization, and the importance of working towards an environmentally sustainable future.

The value of in-house

Our primary focus is quality and to create long-term relationships. It’s about doing something that makes a difference and not to focus on profit. With our in-house recruitment capacities, we can deliver the right candidates for your vision and mission.

Long-term partnerships

We believe in the added value of building strong relationships above placing as many candidates as possible. To accomplish this, we changed the way recruitment works in these sectors. We focus on improving the whole process of recruitment for your company and help you with finding the right candidates.

Consulting & Advisory

We see the challenges that come with digitalising, improving workflow-evaluation, and rapidly shifting responsibilities within the public sectors. We aim for improvement, vision and enabling tomorrows solutions together with our candidates

Life Sciences & MedTech

Rapidly changing technology, working more data and tech driven and increasing public opinions around this sector is a increasing challenge for most companies.

We understand the difficulties in aligning products with local markets, the impact of the different reimbursement systems and the necessity to bring innovating products early to market. With our extensive expertise we are dedicated to make your life easier by placing the right people in the right spot.

Experiences take it all

Assisting in providing access to the latest and best technologies for the public is a key driver for us. We have strong insights and understanding of the challenges employers face and have been involved for over 10 years in finding the right people within this sector.

Growth through partnerships

Our expertise allows us to understand and assess the skillset and motivation of highly qualified candidates. We have build long-term partnerships and placed frequently at spin-offs, startups and large multinationals in the medical devices, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

Keeping up with changes

Skilled and knowledgeable experts that work alongside your company have an in-depth understanding of the challenges that companies in this sector face on a day-to-day basis, whether that’s regarding new legislation, R&D, market access, or ongoing skills shortages.

Sub-Specialism matters

We understand the importance of working with specialized talents when it comes to education, skills, and professional experiences. Our approach is to add a second layer to life sciences recruitment with specialities in for example cardiology, telemedicine, API's, MedTech or polymers. This gives you the advantage of always dealing with a knowledgeable growth partner who knows the market inside out.

Talent Acquisition RPO team resulting in 31 placements

Tough Talent Market

Many companies are being challenged to attract and retain talent. Without expertise, resources and full focus on qualified candidates, the business will remain having a mid & long-term growth challenge. As we market our clients and their jobs via different channels, focus on sourcing and optimize the candidate experiences, growth will come within reach again.

1 hire or 15 hires next year?

We are experienced in finding the right candidates in the most exotic departments and are being called in for key-hires as well as full cycle company growth throughout multiple teams. C-level? Management? Operational Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Support or other requirements? With our specialized and dedicated team efforts we are proud to say we’ve always been able to help organizations grow, no matter how many hires required or the departments new talent is needed in.

Effective Processes

When ‘historically’ unnecessary steps slipped in the hiring process, or when a candidate needs to come back for (repeated) interviews or the recruitment process changes, candidates simply lose interest. While your team is trying to make up their mind, the best candidates get offers from other organizations. We’ll have a clean look into ‘are we doing the right things’ and are here to optimize the candidate experience whilst at the same time enabling effective internal stakeholder management.

Recruitment Strategy

Together with you we focus on the fulfillment of short-term needs and the mid-term succession planning. People come and go, no matter how hard you try to retain them. We will look at the internal talent mapping, organization needs to further improve and are very efficient in defining possible gaps. So, when gaps may occur in the future, new talent is already ready to onboard.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Small- and medium sized businesses face many recruitment, onboarding, retaining and HR challenges. We know from experience that most people from within the organization believe they are doing the right things in the interviews, hiring process, talent scouting, with offer management etc. However the same excellent people have no time to look at the bigger picture, the the mid-term strategy as they are often way to busy in the here-and-now. That’s where gaps are being created, opportunities are being missed and our knowledge and expertise in Talent Acquisition Management steps in.

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