Employer branding

To attract and retain employees

Why is employer branding so important?

Creating a employer brand

 Why should people want to work in your company? The purpose of creating, building, and maturing your employer brand is to define what makes you unique and thats what candidates want to know.

Did you know a strong employer brand can also be important for attracting new customers? Many brands communicate to their customers via their employees via social media including Linkedin. So building a strong employer brand can create a win-win.

Attract the right people

With a more innovative and strategic approach and by opening up the right (online) channels, you can reach both potential and active job seekers and raise the “Employer Brand Value” to a higher level. 

 We have some quick wins that can be implemented on short notice to get you up to speed and experienced partners to build a strong Employer Brand in the mid- and long term. That way a data-driven, optimised employer branding and recruitment campaigns can be developed.


How does your company stand out?

Through Social Media Recruitment, Content Marketing Campaigns, Video Campaigns and a “Working at” site the brand identity can optimized. And also Employee advocacy and internal referrals are becoming a bigger factor in employer branding and recruitment campaigns. 

To achieve a higher “Employer Brand Value” we use creativity that fits with the brand identity and the current fase (and budget) of your organisation to make you stand out. 

What's your experience?

Employer branding

With well-developed employer branding, it is easier to attract the right people. We help you tell what makes your company special and how you stand out. With the right employer branding your organisation will be able to achieve and maintain a preferred position in the mindset of your employees and new talent. 

However, many things can be done in employer branding, the one more measurable as others. Especially for startups it is key to have a good look at the required internal resources, costs and ROI to build a strong employer brand. Luckily we have some quick wins, focussed on recruitment and attracting new talent that we can implement in a short timeframe to get you started. 

When your organisation is a bit further we can build or optimize a strong employer brand focussed on in the mid- and long term – together with our experienced partners. That way data-driven campaigns can be developed. 

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