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Next to finding the right talent, we can also support you in retaining your current talent.

How does it work?

People & Culture Strategy

People & Culture go hand in hand. Culture describes the desired behaviour in your company. With scaling it is very important to have clarity on what desired behaviour is and how to maintain it when growing. 

How to make sure the teams have the same purpose and DNA and whom has the right mindset to help the company evolve?

That’s where our spezialized teams can help.

People Roadmap

When scaling, there is so much to do.Where to start? What has top priority?

Every phase asks for a different priority in your people strategy. We help you in setting your priorities for your phase, based on our lessons learned. With our lean and effective methods  we can take things of your plate by making some of these priorities easier and realizing them.

Helping with your start-up

For Startups and Scale-ups we have the right people and tools in place to assist your company effectively and efficiently. On a strategy level, but also very practical: which terms in employment agreements, which benefits do you need to have as a company, which benefits do your want to offer and how to setup the payroll run as smooth as possible? 

What's your approach?

HR for Startups & Scale-ups

Bringing in new people is great, but how do you make sure they stay? We have the right people in place to assist you from HR assistant tot HRD level so you can focus on growth.

We can help you define your People & Culture strategy. Together we determine what your company needs from a People & Culture perspective to be successful. Starting with your why, what and how, to define a People Roadmap.

But let’s not forget the operational part. We can also help you with the start-up of your company, installing all the tools you need to facilitate smooth operations (salary and operational processes, knowledge migrants, 30% regulation, eRecognition). So all the things you need to get in place, so you can concentrate on the business. We can take this off your plate.

More concrete:

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