Inhouse Recruitment

We help organizations find and retain talented people.
And work as extension of your company. We don't sell, we match.

Our approach?

We work inhouse

We work as internal part of your organisation and sometimes even from your offices. Time saving, more effective, quality driven and lower costs. By knowing your organisation inside out, we can deliver more future proof candidates.



Full extension of your company

We have the same online sourcing channels as external recruitment agencies. Together with you we build the right job profiles and align internal stakeholders. We open up the sourcing & marketing channels and proactively source the best candidates, guide them through the interviews and optimize other processes in the meanwhile.

Delivering the right candidates

Every company and growth stage requires a different approach. Whether you are looking for 1 specific job to be filled or when we need to build a team of 15 on short notice. We have the know-how and love being part of your growth journey whilst delivering high quality. That is one of our key drivers.

What's your approach?

Inhouse recruitment

We collaborate as an extension of your company. We are long-term focused, delivering quality for driven and growing companies. We are assisting them successfully, whether they need to fill 2 or 30 positions in different departments.

We deliver candidates the best candidate journey and at the same time try to save time and costs for you. We are not an external recruitment agency: we are a flexible and committed internal partner.

When working together we will optimize the recruitment channels and employer branding for you as well. We always assist with candidate criteria ratings, salary benchmark data and reference checks. We have the latest tech tools at our disposal to succesfully attract and retain talent.

We offer a dedicated (inhouse) partnership, scalability and a great candidate experience. Some call us “Talent Acquisition Managers“, others “Growth Recruitment Partners” and we even have been named the “first company that could align our internal stakeholders succesfully”

We work hard so your company can succeed and customize our processes towards your needs. And did you know, that everything we put in place has your ownership, so you can grow even further in the future?

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