Inhouse Recruitment in the FinTech Accountancy Industry
Client Overview:

Our client, VISMA | Yuki, is an innovative cloud-based accounting software company that experienced rapid growth. As they are more efficient and easier to use, constantly innovating and developing new products and services, they had their revenue increasing by over 100% YoY which asked for a new structure in the organisation to enable further growth. As a result, they needed to hire 68 professionals across the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium for different labels within a 1.5-year timeframe.

Challenges Faced:

VISMA | Yuki’s main challenges included scaling their operations and finding suitable candidates for various roles with their different departments in 3 countries:

  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Accounting;
  • Development;
  • People & Culture;
  • Product and UX/UI;
  • Customer Services and Client Success.

They required an efficient, trustworthy and candidate orientated recruitment partner who could provide flexible solutions, strong stakeholder management, a can-do menthality and approach a wide pool of candidates in 3 different countries.

With our RPO & Inhouse Recruitment model we took over all parts of the recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews, improving the compensation model to attract more hires and making hiring decisions with the key-stakeholders. This enabled the organization’s internal HR team to focus more on other important tasks, such as retaining their employees, increasing people happiness, creating opportunities for growth and development and work-life balance.

Outreach to potential candidates
Hires in The Netherlands, Belgium
and Spain
Different departments
% of the hires still works with the company after 2 years

Solutions Implemented:

We’ve provided and scaled an experienced recruitment team with extensive knowledge of the roles required by VISMA | Yuki, the local labor markets and with employer branding. This enabled us to professionalize and grow their departments in line with growth demands. Our expertise allowed us to streamline the recruitment process, ensuring increased efficiency and improved quality. Additionally, our flexible approach enabled us to meet the organization’s changing needs throughout the hiring processes.

Results Achieved:

We successfully hired a total of 68 professionals across multiple departments in 3 countries within the specified time frame. By leveraging our full RPO service, VISMA | Yuki successfully overcame their hiring challenges. Our expertise, efficiency, and flexibility enabled them to scale their operations and onboard the right talent for sustained growth in the dynamic FinTech industry.

Our broad talent pool, campaigns and candidate focussed outreaches ensured access to the best-suited candidates, contributing to improved quality hires. The employment branding of VISMA | Yuki also witnessed positive growth as we showcased the organization as an first employer of choice. Moreover, with our RPO services, VISMA | Yuki obtained the flexibility needed to adapt to changing market dynamics.


“Thanks to the implementation of Inhousify Recruitment RPO services, VISMA | Yuki experienced excellent recruitment results. Our partnership with Inhousify has been key to achieve our ambitious hiring goals. Their experienced recruitment team helped us streamline the process and different stakeholders, resulting in efficient and high-quality hires. The flexibility and scaling options they offered allowed us to adapt to market demands quickly. We highly recommend Inhousify to scaleups, other Tech companies as well as MKB organizations seeking comprehensive and reliable recruitment solutions.”
– Managing Director, VISMA | Yuki.

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