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Software Engineer

Your mission

As a software engineer at uButler, youll be working on a variety of different projects that are used every day by our fellow colleagues, the people we help relocate, and their employers. These projects use a range of different technologies, including React, React Native / Expo, GraphQL and Node.js. There are unique engineering challenges that our team is tackling, like extensive permission management, live chat, and handling privacy-sensitive data.

What youll be doing
  • Porting functionality from our existing customer and internal systems to our brand new system-that-will-rule-them-all️, build with React on the frontend, and with a GraphQL Node.js API. Data is stored in a Postgres database
  • Adding new functionality to our React Native / Expo app
  • Making sure our testing coverage is high (we use Cypress and Jest) and components are well documented in Storybook
  • Implementing our design system (WIP!) across all platforms
  • Reviewing your team mates pull requests
  • Identifying improvements in our CI/CD pipelines, tools, or other aspects of the developer experience to make sure the team can work smoothly and deploy multiple times per day without any hassle
  • Contributing to our RFC library where we track bigger changes or tech decisions so theyre documented and well discussed with the entire team
  • Helping define our processes and ways of working, and creating a solid foundation for our growing engineering organization
  • Working together with our product managers and designers to arrive at the best possible solution for the problems were trying to tackle every day

Oh yeah and whatever you do, do it in TypeScript

What were looking for
  • We expect you to have around 3+ years of experience. With that level of experience, we would expect you to be able to work independently on features of varying size on different platforms and in different frameworks, like mobile, web and the backend. Independently; not alone – the team is there to support
  • No worries if you dont speak our languages yet – if you dont have experience in React but you have been working with another frontend framework and you feel confident in your abilities in that framework, we can help you get up to speed with React, no problem. Same goes for the rest of our tech stack.
  • You dont mind if a line ends with a semicolon or not, as long as the tooling takes care of it
  • You leave your ego at home – we treat each other with respect and empathy, and we expect new colleagues to do the same. New ideas are always welcomed and never attacked.
Whats in it for you
  • Youll be working in a fast growing startup that is still at an early stage, meaning theres a lot of room for impact. The work that youll do will help shape our engineering organization for years to come
  • Youll be working with senior engineers that can help you grow. We value personal growth and well do whatever we can to set you up for success
  • Engineering at uButler is unique in the sense that were building systems for a varied group of users, including our own colleagues, the companies that pay uButler to use our services, and the people that are relocating to a new country. Were not building one product for one type of user, so understanding how a new feature will be used by each different type of user is a great exercise in understanding how you can personally contribute to the success of the company
Location: Amsterdam
Employment: Fulltime
Type of job: IT Software
Company: uButler
Sector: Legal

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