3 hires for The Green branch – 61 K less spend vs external recruitment

The Green Branch (B-Corp) focusses on global reforestation, land restoration and conservation projects. The company is working to develop and implement innovative solutions that will help to create a more sustainable future.

The Green Branch is a fast growing startup company, and is making a significant impact on the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. The company is committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions that will help to create a more sustainable future and is also working to develop a carbon offsetting program that will allow businesses and individuals to map and offset their carbon emissions.

The Challenge:

When we spoke with The Green Branch, we where immidiatly enthousiastic and keen to help them succesfully reach their goals. They have a small, very dedicated and hard working team and as a startup they naturally don’t have the resources to attract talent as the more established companies have. Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success and inspired by The Green Branchs purpose, a tailor made partnership was put into place to find the right solutions for the challenges laying ahead.


As sparringpartner, we’ve looked into flexible and cost effective solutions to increase employer branding, brand awareness, improved HR contracts, reduced time-to-hire, reduced hiring costs and implemented new innovative sales solutions with the team. Working in a starup offers many opportunities for employees to learn and grow. By reaching out to 1.000’s of candidates and screening over 900, we quickly identified the candidates with the right background, drive and culture fit

Together with the founders, we’ve set clear goals, aligned the required candidate criteria and independent data-driven and independent candidate ratings for the positions that needed to be hired in the EU and LATAM. We’ve recruited the right candidates smoothless to enable the team’s further growth the next year.

Additionally, whilst working with The Green Branch on these projects, it also inspired us to think better about our own enviromental impact, therefore we are committed to become B-Corp and have a CO2 neutral working enviroment within Inhousify Group within the next 12 months as well. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

new hires in 6 months
euro less spend on recruitment vs hiring via external recruitment agencies
% improved labor contracts and
employer branding

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