Client Overview:

Signhost (an Entrust solution), is known for its expertise in digital identity verification, e-signing, and secure transactions for all types of organisations. Since starting Signhost with Evidos in 2008, its founders – Kick Willemse and Zivko Lazarov – have had the same object in mind: to make sure that everyone is able to do business online safely, easily and in a legally valid manner. Designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind they empower businesses and end users to execute secure and legally binding electronic signatures effortlessly. In 2022 they became part of Entrust allowing businesses to even further streamline e-signing and document workflows whilst enhancing compliance with their products.


When Evidos asked us to solve their recruitment challenges, we were happy to assist in getting the right people in place for their innovative technologies. Within the fast growing company we faced several recruitment challenges, including fast growth, difficult to source skills set and lack of available local talent. Our expertise and flexibility enabled them to scale their operations and onboard the right talent for sustained growth.

Candidates approached
Online channels optimized for employer and job branding without extra budget
New colleagues in 5 different departments

Inhousify’s strategic and candidate focussed recruitment approach allowed Evidos to build a team without compromising on quality or company culture. Consistent employer branding across different platforms, effective stakeholder management and our in-depth understanding of the SaaS-industry and the local talent landscape in Haarlem proved to make a big impact in their recruitment needs.

We’ve implemented a structured and efficient processes together with HR that not only saved time but also ensured that every step was purposeful for both client and candidates. We’ve creating a well-defined outreach and talent-pooling program that reached over 10.000 candidates and we’ve co-created an effective and inclusive screening and assessment process.

Our solutions ranged from optimizing the candidate experience, enhancing employer branding across different platforms and ATS changes. The optimized and streamlined recruitment processes, employer branding and talent-pooling efforts led to a shorter time to hire and more talent to choose from in the local markets.

Our teams results are 38 hires (and counting…), mostly in the positions of development, sales, finance and customer success.

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