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Programmer With Passion To Solve Problems Junior/Medior/Senior

Who we are

Evidos is the market leader in providing evidence in online services. Offering the international cloud platform for digital signing and digital identification for over 10 years, from Haarlem and for all of Europe.

Our goal is that organizations digitize paperwork. We do so by having them simply and quickly sign digital documents with legal safeguards.

Recently Evidos was acquired by Entrust, providing a large network enabling us to scale. We’re ready to scale from tens of thousands to millions of daily document signing transactions in the coming years.

How we develop

We take agile serious and therefore *don’t* strictly adopt scrum, kanban or say xp. We take work from a prioritized kanban board and then do whatever is necessary to bring that work into production. This includes, but is not limited to, meeting and finding out requirements with the product department, develop proof-of-concepts, request (and respond to) code reviews, write tests, discuss solutions with the whole team or just one peer, do hallway tests with peers and much more.

We are serious in cultivating a low-meeting environment where you ”the engineer” can be effective in solving our problems.

We make heavy use of git and pride ourselves in a clean history for daily use. A high code quality standard is achieved by doing multiple code reviews. Integration is applied to ensure our stuff does not break. Continuous deployment processes are followed, but we do not continuously deploy everything.

Eventsourcing is used to scale our services reliably and is at the basis of our architecture. Together with Entrust we having a eventsourced basis, we’re ready to make the deep dive to *seriously* scale our services. Think: **adding zeros** in utilization of our services!

We love working in C#, but see it as any other tool. Tomorrow we may start to use Rust, webassembly or any other tool we think is worthy of solving our problems. We are not, and never will be, strictly bound to any tool.

Where possible we use libraries, but we think and analyze twice before we include anything in our codebase. We assume cleanliness and code quality extends into the package.json and project.csproj files.

What we expect

You will use your degree of freedom to take responsibility in solving the problem at hand. You understand that not religiously following an agile method moves responsibility to you to do whatever is needed, and not rely on the two-weekly refinement (for example).

We expect our developers to solve problems regardless of the tool, library or framework of the day. Since most of our code is in C#, we expect you to know C# fairly well. You build high quality solutions and it shows in your human-friendly written code which is well documented and accompanied with sane tests.

  • You know Javascript/Typescript well enough to not need an npm package to solve problems, but write your own routines.
  • You understand git well enough for daily use with the commandline. Our history will be enriched with your developer warstories in a readable and clean way. You strive for having a clean source control history and use its benefits. You are able to use git to the fullest.
  • You write tests like good beer. Have a couple really good ones, but never too much.
  • You can find your way in our data stores such as sql database, object stores, nosql stores, queues and other nosql stores. If not, we are always able to help you finding new data store type without too much hassle.
  • You take initiative in growing yourself. Either you’re a self-learner or you take online courses yourself. You determine your own path for growth and chose if that path is human-centric or tech-centric.
  • You take your time and resources to solve the problem at hand, whatever you deem necessary.

We don’t expect you to know it all and have done it all. We expect you to be candid in whatever you do not know. From there, we trust you’ll take a (deep) dive whenever you think that’s needed.

What we offer

  • Devplace were devvers are central
  • In-house developed craft beer
  • Lunch and regular get together (with many craft beers)
  • Trainings budget
  • Better than average salary and flexible working hours
  • Best available hardware, 7% pension-related contribution and travel cost reimbursement

Our process

1. Phone call from recruiter
2. Culture interview
3. Coding exercise of ~8 hours netting you €200 regardless of outcome
4. Tech interview
5. Validata check

Location: Haarlem
Employment: Full Time
Type of job: Developer IT
Company: Evidos
Sector: Technology / Digital / Software

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